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Hi, I am Cristian and this is my story!

I have graduated from University of Timisoara, Romania in 1995 as a mechanical engineer. In 1996 I have graduated a Master Degree in Welding Engineering and then moved to Canada in 1999. In the last decade I have become passionate about designing and building automated machinery and robots. 

So what is with the Linux word in my company name? It is because I like to use LINUX operating system. Did you know that Microsoft has a "Windows subsystem for Linux" shipped with every Windows 10 licence? Or that Microsoft cellphones will use LINUX OS?

Disruptive technology is the future of innovation!

The picture below is the prototype that I have designed and build. The skeleton of the machine is designed with minimal load on aluminium extrusion. Damping material was used in order to keep the vibrations localized. The result is that aluminium extrusions can successfully replace iron castings.

What can you do with the machine:

- Milling of steel with 0.1 mm (3.9 thousand of an inch) tolerance. Higher tolerance can be achieved for softer materials like aluminium, plastics, wood, etc

- The same machine can be used for different manufacturing processes by just replacing the processing tool. Some of the uses of the machine are: milling, laser etching, water jet cutting, CMM measurements, PCB engraving, 3D printing, pick and place robot, etc

- The bed size can be easily customized to a max of 2x2x2 meters (6.5x6.5x6.5Ft).

- All the components are standard items available thought the world: Nema motors, screw and nut ball, aluminium extrusions, linear bearings, etc.

Patent Pending CNC design

Aluminium block machined square within 0.1 mm tolerance


Cristian Golu


Guelph, ON, Canada