I am a Mechanical Engineer P-Eng in Ontario. My design experience spans from earth moving heavy equipment, automotive up to paper handling machinery.

The picture shows the concept of a 6 axes CNC machine. It is extremely easy to build and low cost. Two axes are shorter than the other 4. This way the height of the machine is much lower when compared to a "Delta" type printer. I did not continue pass the concept stage because I could not find a software available to drive unequal axes.

I am also certified Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Welding Engineer. Along with a Master Degree in Welding Engineering and 20 years of experience in this field, I can help your company became or maintain CWB certified company status.

Because I own the equipment required for weld macro-examination, I can provide a "Pass" or "Failed" result in short time, at your location. The testing of the weld can be in accordance with automotive OEM (GM, CHRYSLER, FORD, etc), CWB or AWS standards.

The weld symbols sometimes require deciphering. I keep this picture with me all the time at work.

Please note that I will not sign or stamp any document without any substantial evidence that the information contain conforms to related standards.


Cristian Golu



Guelph, ON, Canada