How to order

The following steps are required for a complete order:

- Initial free discussion to determine: machine size, manufacturing processes, training requirements, purchasing decisions, etc.

- Customer sign-off assembly drawing with overall dimensions.

- Customer sign-off final design and detailed drawings of components are produced for ordering.

Options for order:

- Assembly of Mechanical and Electrical systems can be done by the customer or by businesses in close proximity of the customer.

- The purchased components can be ordered by the customer or by our company with the delivery to the customer address.

- The components can be purchased by any vendor (North American brand name or no name)and ordered directly from the manufacturer or purchased from online sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliepress, etc. The components have standard designations across the world: example NEMA23 motor has the same mounting dimensions in China, Europe or North America.

- The customer decide the computer operating system: Windows or Linux and the CNC software: LinuxCNC, Mach3/5, or any other software specific to the manufacturing process. The machine does not require specialized software.