The 1st steel milling light mass CNC 

The axes designed in a closed square shape offers extreme strength advantages when compared to a single open beam design. This particular design opens the doors to a new class of CNC machines structure built using aluminum extrusions, that can be light, mobile and powerful.

Machine specifications:

- Powerful spindle motor 3KW, 3x240VAC, 10Nm Torque, 6,000RPM maximum speed. Optional 3 phases power adapter for residential power supply.

- Double the precision, double the power with 6 Nema 23 motors with integrated encoders (2 per each axis). 

- The bed size can be easily customized to a max of 2x2x2 meters (6.5x6.5x6.5Ft).

- All the components are standard items available thought the world: Nema motors, screw and nut ball, aluminum extrusions, linear bearings, etc.


3D Linux Systems offers DIY design for complete systems including:

- Components Drawings ready for purchasing 

- List of Components including quantities, prices and vendors

- Assembly instructions

- Unlimited mentoring (phone/email/video conference)until the build is complete. 

- Training for 3D CAD, CAM and CNC software.